Resolutions for a strong family

There are plenty of resolutions that families can enjoy together. Undertaking goals as a family unit can create accountability that keeps everyone on track. Here are some resolutions to think about making this Family Day.

Healthy eating. Eating healthier meals together can move everyone’s personal health in the right direction. Start by adding a fruit or vegetable to every meal and try whole grains or a new grain, like quinoa. Small changes can add up to big gains and healthy results.

Push positivity. Transform negative thinking patterns into positive ones. The family can keep gratitude journals, highlighting things in their lives they are grateful for or actions that make each person proud.

Sleep more. Collectively aim to get more sleep each night. This may be achieved by turning electronics off earlier each night and spending an hour or two before bed engaged in lighthearted conversation or stress-busting activities like reading books.

Limit screen time. Plan for screen-free family time each day so that everyone can engage without the distractions of social media, work, friends, and other digital activities.

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