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  • Good minds stand up0

    Where were the good minds when they did me wrong? So what if we wore tight pants, so what if we had long hair and straightened it, we probably stole your girlfriend, but still… So. Much. Hate. Looking back on my old days, there is still no regret – from the eyeliner to the beat

  • Good minds stand up by choosing good thoughts0

    What does it mean to use a good mind, and how would our struggles surrounding bullying and lateral violence be affected if we governed ourselves by this simple concept in our day-to-day interactions? This is one of the many questions we asked ourselves at the beginning of the “Good Minds Stand Up” campaign, and we

  • Sometimes even adults can be bullies

    Sometimes even adults can be bullies0

    Johnson said that kids now are mostly aware of bullying, and that the responsibilities are now with adults to reinforce those behaviors in youth. “Sometimes bullying doesn’t just stop when you tell someone to stop. You might need to get the help of other people. Know your advocates and they will help you try to deal with this.”

  • #GoodMindsStandUp when Good Hearts Care.

    #GoodMindsStandUp when Good Hearts Care.0

    I remember vividly being bullied and harassed as a kid. I was overweight, poor and awkward. I liked to read and got good grades. I also had some family issues that other kids knew about. Some of the kids were awesome about these things and some were very cruel. I remember getting beaten up more

  • You won’t be alone0

    Cyber Bulling, physical violence, racism, or even a simple “joke” that makes you feel bad about yourself is considered bullying. And that’s not even half of it! Things at school, after school, and online are all places where bullies can be. This is something that no kid, teen, or adult wants to go through. And

  • Don Jackson Interview – Spirits of Wampum

    Don Jackson Interview – Spirits of Wampum0

    SIX NATIONS – The Two Row Times is excited to welcome a new comic series, ‘Spirits of Wampum’, illustrated by Don Jackson. ‘Spirits of the Wampum’ will be featured regularly in the Two Row Times, taking a new and exciting approach to the spirit of friendship. We spoke with the artist about his work and