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  • Hunting, the Haudenosaunee way

    Hunting, the Haudenosaunee way0

    In examining the ancient roles of the Haudenosaunee, both men and women are viewed as equal, but both are recognized as holding separate duties. Tying into the Haudenosaunee Creation Story, many know that the Sky Woman brought life to Turtle Island. Women today are believed to have a genetic connection to the Sky Woman, and

  • Ode to the mighty turkey

    Ode to the mighty turkey0

      Local hunters are reporting that it was a late rut this deer (oskenón:ton) season due to the unnaturally mild winter, so now is the time of year to stock your freezers with venison. In a few months’ time the spring turkey season will open up. According to Paul General at the Six Nations Wildlife

  • Easy ways to go green at school

    Easy ways to go green at school0

    The go-green movement may have humble beginnings, but now men and women across the globe make everyday decisions with the environment in mind. Private citizens and large companies now consider the environment before making decisions, as eco-friendly practices have extended into all aspects of life. As homeowners, renters and business owners are busy doing their

  • Why we should save the bees

    Why we should save the bees0

    In recent years, there has been a growing concern among beekeepers and environmentalists about the rapid decline of honeybees. Just last year alone, Ontario beekeepers reported a 58 per cent loss of the province’s honeybee population. With these little creatures responsible for the cross-pollination of a third of the world’s food crops, losing them could

  • Everlasting Tree School: nurturing mindfulness for a healthier planet

    Everlasting Tree School: nurturing mindfulness for a healthier planet0

    Living a waste-less lifestyle can be a challenge for any individual. It demands time, commitment and effort in our already busy lives. However, these sacrifices are well worth the reward of creating and modeling a healthy and sustainable future for our children. It brings us back to the foundation of Haudenosaunee culture; respecting and honouring

  • Upcycling: an awesome way to recycle

    Upcycling: an awesome way to recycle0

    Last week we talked about the importance of including recycling in your overall waste management plan. This week, we’re going to talk about another important piece of a good waste reduction plan called upcycling.   Upcycling is when you find a creative way to transform household items that no longer serve their original purpose, into