• Three great hunting tips from Tyendinaga

    Three great hunting tips from Tyendinaga2

    Hunting is an integral part of a collective past. No matter where you come from, your ancestors hunted and gathered to survive. Nowadays, though our survival no longer depends on the hunt, we still display many traits that helped us when were both the hunter and the hunted. As prey we were keenly aware of

  • Don Jackson Interview – Spirits of Wampum

    Don Jackson Interview – Spirits of Wampum0

    SIX NATIONS – The Two Row Times is excited to welcome a new comic series, ‘Spirits of Wampum’, illustrated by Don Jackson. ‘Spirits of the Wampum’ will be featured regularly in the Two Row Times, taking a new and exciting approach to the spirit of friendship. We spoke with the artist about his work and

  • Good Minds Stand Up to Bullying0

    Welcome to the first edition of the Good Minds Stand Up campaign! The Two Row Times and the Dreamcatcher Charitable Foundation are taking the month of October to focus on encouraging everyone to stand up against bullying. Throughout the next few weeks we will be highlighting different stories on bullying: the statistics, the stories and

  • Learn the early warning signs of bullying

    Learn the early warning signs of bullying0

    Children grow and develop their personalities in various ways. While many youngsters are teased or receive some good-natured ribbing at some point in their school careers, some teasing can eventually turn into bullying. The National Education Association estimates that 160,000 children miss school every day due to fear of attack or intimidation by other students.

  • Recognizing cyberbullying

    Recognizing cyberbullying0

    Before social media became so prevalent, instances of bullying were somewhat easy to recognize. However, with a good majority of children now engaged in digital networking and social media, bullying may not end with the ringing of the school bell, and evidence of bullying may not be so readily apparent.