5 trending houseplants for 2023

Is your monstera losing its appeal? Are you ready for an upgrade from your maintenance-free sansevieria to a humidity-desperate calathea? Well, good news. Just like fashion and hashtags, trending houseplants are also a thing.

Thursd.com says in addition to the health benefits of having a wide array of houseplants in your home, part of the reason why stylish houseplants are a fun option is the look and aesthetic they can add.

Bird of paradise: Are you looking for a statement piece to reign over the guest bedroom? Introducing the bird of paradise. Also named strelitzia, these plants do best in a sunny spot that offers both low and indirect lighting. I would suggest you place your birds of paradise close to a north- or east-facing window.

Stromanthe triostar: Houseplants with dark leaves and variegation can chill in more areas of your home than their less-pigmented brothers and sisters because they can tolerate a little less light than the rest. It is another very interesting houseplant trending for 2023 that would look great if placed in front of a blank white wall and maybe a wicker basket instead of a traditional cover pot.

Philodendron Imperial Red: Red is going to be everywhere in 2023 so why would you not want a philodendron imperial red houseplant? Philodendrons in general are a relatively simple houseplant to care for. This specific type is growing more popular because of its greenery and very laid-back attitude when it comes to needing care. Starting off a bright red colour, the plant eventually develops into a deep burgundy and then dark green as it grows.

String plants: Despite needing more care than say a snake plant or pothos, these types of plants level up the bare windowsills and awkward corners in your home. Easily take a room from drab to fab with just a few pots of these around. A string of pearls, bananas, or pickles, all do very well in direct sunlight. Definitely do not overwater these finicky plants. Make sure the pot has several drain holes and the soil is completely dry before watering.

Money tree: This plant seems to always make the list and maybe that’s for the promise behind its name. No, this plant will not bear you any change for coffee or help you cover your rent this month but money trees if left to grow and cared for well can be a beautiful addition to any room. Low-maintenance plants like this one are tolerant to receiving less light than others Money trees like a semblance of consistency in their lives so try to pick a location for it and keep it there.

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