1500 year old artifacts unearthed in Brantford

A significant amount of archaeological materials were unearthed at the site of the new Laurier-YMCA project on Colborne Street in Brantford.

According to a press release three areas on the property have revealed “cultural material” including chert flakes and pottery fragments estimated to be 1000-1500 years old.

Laurier released a statement regarding the find saying, “Upon discovery, Laurier and the YMCA notified Aboriginal communities that have expressed an interest in archaeological assessments in the area, and invited them to participate in the process. A thorough archaeological investigation of the site is now being undertaken in partnership with the Haudenosaunee Development Institute, the Six Nations Elected Council and the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation. This process will include further archaeological investigation through additional excavation, and planning for the appropriate stewardship of the cultural material discovered.”

Laurier estimates that proper management of the site and perserving of the materials discovered could take up to three months. Limited construction activity will continue at the site while the archeological investigation proceeds – with respect to keeping those three sensitive locations undisturbed.

“These are important discoveries,” said Brian Rosborough, senior executive officer of Laurier’s Brantford campus. “Ensuring that the archaeological site is managed properly and that we are undertaking appropriate community engagement and stewardship activities is a priority for Laurier and the YMCA.”

“The archaeological process is an important step in developing a facility that will enhance the health and wellness of our communities and we’re pleased this process creates an opportunity to contribute to the understanding of the historical richness that characterizes this region,” said Bryan Webber, vice-president, financial development for the YMCA of Hamilton/Burlington/Brantford.

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