Native American actor Charlie Hill, 62, has lost battle with lymphoma

**UPDATED 12/30 9:18pm** Two Row Times has confirmed that Haudenosaune/Cree actor Charlie Hill passed away early Monday morning following a lengthy illness. He was 62 years old. His family issued this statement via Facebook Monday evening.

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Six Nations actor Gary Farmer took to social media Monday morning offering condolences after learning his friend, Haudenosaune actor Charlie Hill, passed away after battling lymphoma for the last year.

Farmer posted on his Facebook, “My sincere condolences to family, friends, and fans for my long time friend, Charlie Hill who passed on early this morning.”

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Haudenosaune musician Pura Fe also put out condolences on social media today saying this:

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Hill has been noted as one of the most groundbreaking actors in our generation.

A website has been up and running to raise funds for the family while they cared for him in his illness. Donations can still be made here.

Two Row Times has set up an online condolence card for anyone wishing to express their sympathy to the Hill family at this time.

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  1. Prayers to Charlie Hills family and close friends. The loss of another wonderful person into spirit world. He was a wonderful man who was able to speak the truth of Indigenous peoples through humor. My most sincerest condolences to his immediate family and very close friends.

  2. The article said “Two Row Times has confirmed that Haudenosaune/Cree actor Charlie Hill passed away”.

    At point 1 min. 14 seconds in the video, Charlie Hill said he was Oneida from Wisconsin.

    I’m a little confused. The Cree are not Haudenonsaunee. They are Anishinabek so how come the Two Row Times said Haudenausonee/Cree? Was one of his parents Cree?

    I watched the video. Charlie Hill was funny and his humour should make people think.

    1. Yes. He also had Cree in his lineage according to one of our sources. Haudenosaune is the overall term including the Six Nations.

      1. Thanks, Nahnda for clarifying about Charlie’s Cree ancestry.

        But, my understanding is that Haudenosaunnee means people of the longhouse and covers the Six Nations.and other Iroquoian people who made longhouses.

        The Cree did not live in longhouses, The Cree made wigwams covered with birch bark and some lived in moss covered homes called astchiiugamikw.

        They are Anishinabek.

        1. Hi Garry, the Oneida are a member nation of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy if that clarifies things…

        2. I understand that but the Cree are not Haudenosaunee (people of the longhouse).

          That was the point I was trying to make.

        3. There are different kinds of Cree nations. Not all nations of Cree fall under Annishnabe. And my sources did not clarify if Mr. Hill was a Plains Cree or a Woodland Cree. May he rest in peace.

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