24-hours of lacrosse for Jada

SIX NATIONS – A 24-hour lacrosse marathon is planned for January 2-3, at the Iroquois Lacrosse Arena with proceeds going towards the family of Teiehkwa, Jada Johnson, of Six Nations.

The family released a recent update on Jada’s progress as she follows traditional medicine and holistic treatment for Pre-B Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

Jada’s case became an international, precedent setting story after McMaster University Hospital and the Children’s Aid Society locked horns in court when the 11-year-old and her family stopped chemotherapy treatments in favour of traditional natural medicines.

McMaster was attempting to force Jada to resume chemo treatments, which were making the girl violently ill, fearing for the life of the child. But Justice Gethan Edward, presiding over the case, ruled in favour of CAS who had refused to apprehend the child. Edward, who is Onkwehon:we, also ruled in favour of the right for Indigenous people to practice their own traditional ways, as protected under section #35 of the Canadian Constitution Act, in this case opting for herbal medicines and a strict diet of all fresh fruits and vegetables with natural supplements.

“Less than two weeks into the (chemo) treatment we stopped it due to our strong belief in our traditional healthcare practices and the severe side effects Teiehkwa was enduring,” says the family. “Our choice to trust in a holistic treatment protocol that combines traditional medicines, ceremonies and diet targeted to strengthen the immune system has achieved normal blood counts since early October. Monitoring of her condition continues by her family doctor and the oncology department at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.”

According to Jada’s sister Tashina Hill, who is organizing the game along with Brian Martin, “Teiehkwa is doing very well but the cost of the treatment is considerable.”

The family hopes that the 24-hour lacrosse game fundraiser will help cover these costs. The game will begin with opening ceremonies January 2nd, at the ILA beginning at 4:30 pm. The game will be completed at 5 pm the next day, Jan. 3rd.

“We humbly request your consideration as we are in need of sponsors that would donate raffle items or financial donations for a worthy cause,” says the family. “Nia:wen/Thank you for your consideration and support in Teiehkwa’s Journey.”

All donations and information requests can be directed to Tashina Hill 519.802.9229 or email tashina_hill@hotmail.com

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