Accused in death of Jocelyn Greene gets bail

BRANTFORD — Shock, frustration, anger and disappointment ran through a Brantford court as the accused in the death of Jocelyn Greene was granted bail and released from custody on Tuesday.

Greene was found with a serious head injury in early August and died from her injuries a few days later.

Dalton Hill-Doxtador was arrested in connection with her death and is charged with Dangerous Driving Causing Death and Impaired Operation Causing Death.

Greenes surviving family members said she was the victim of domestic assault.

Reports from the bail hearing said that Hill-Doxtador was driving erratically with Greene in a van ‘speeding up and then slamming on the brakes’. Witness accounts during the bail hearing said there was screaming heard, and then Greene was found on the road.

During the bail hearing, the courts also that police were called to a domestic dispute involving Hill-Doxtador in the spring during which he brandished a 2×4 at police resulting in him being tazed. Crown prosecutors described Hill-Doxtador as ‘very violent’ ‘very aggressive’ with ‘no respect for authority’.

Family members posted to social media sharing their outrage that Hill-Doxtador’s release was supported by a woman from Guelph, and not a person from the Six Nations community — the place he is normally resident.

No word on the status of his release or details on any associated release conditions.

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