Ample apple-pumpkin creations at elected council office

SIX NATIONS – Last Friday the elected council Apple Pumpkin Cooking Contest began with tasting and judging at 10:00am in the council chambers. Employee participants were given two ingredients that had to be mixed into their culinary creations, : apple and pumpkin.
The delicious dishes that were created included home-made and hand-bottled pumpkin juice, apple cinnamon mousse, apple pumpkin crisp, caramel apple pumpkin turnover, cranberry walnut apple spiced rice, baked pumpkin and apple bowl, and Apple Pumpkin Brown Betty.

Chelsey Johnson, Communications Officer of the Six Nations Elected Council, welcomed Two Row Times and explained the event was part of the the employee wellness initiatives, put on by Employee Relations Officer Katie Maracle, Employee Relations Officer. The dishes were judged based on presentation (appearance of dish), effort (amount of effort displayed), health factor (nutritious value of the dish), and taste (overall taste and quality).

Three local community members –, Marilyn Hill, Virginia General, and Bob Johnson – were chosen to as judges the dishes created.

After careful tasting consideration, with so many scrumptious pairings of apple and pumpkin, two women, both named Laura, shared the honour of winning the best tasting dish.

Laura Hubbert baked a flakey, perfectly sweet classic pumpkin pie with, the entire bottom layer comprised of sliced baked apples. When askeding more about the pumpkin pie, Hubert tells us thatsays, “It was my Grandmother’s recipe.”

Laura Mt. Pleasant manifested created a most incredible brightly -coloured apple-pumpkin soup. TUnfamiliar with such a unique mix, the combination of sweet, tart and earthy tastes was unfamiliar, but pleasant and uniquemade the job more pleasant the usual.

Mt. Pleasant shared the her enthusiasm for uncommon dishes, “It was good because it gives you a chance to try new recipes., I had never even made any soup besides corn soup before!”

Judges Marilyn Hill and Virginia General were quite happy to be part of thesuch an event. Hill says “They all should have been winners,!” Hill says.

General agrees, and adds, “They were all winners!”

Clearly, this event was a great time for people to try new things, share with each other, eat together, and create a lovely memoriesy. For this writer, it was a delicious and positive gathering in which to be involved in.

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