City to abandon BSAR, looking west to Oak Park Road

BRANTFORD — Brantford’s City Council is taking action to abandon the Brantford Southern Access Road in favour of an Oak Park Road extension that would connect West Brant to the 403.

The city’s Council unanimously approved a $950,000 environmental assessment of the property the proposed extension would cross.

The suggested route would see a new bridge crossing the Grand River — and is estimated to be over $86 million dollars to complete.

The council moved to sell property purchased by the city in order to build the BSAR.

That proposed road was long opposed by Six Nations as it was seeking to cross reserve land at the Glebelands, adjacent to Mohawk Park.

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  1. To be clear, Six Nations actually did approve the project and took money from the city of Brantford for their approval to build a highway through the Glebe land. But there was a time limit for the completion of the highway but that passed when many of us (Dick, Gail, Arnold, etc) occupied the Glebe land in opposition.
    Now Six Nations (both band council and hereditary chiefs) don’t support the plan, but will they compensate those of us who stood up to the city? No, of course not.
    Both chiefs and band council continue to exploit the progressive work of our people but turn their backs on us when it comes to compensating us for our time, effort, possible criminal charges, lawsuits and stigma as so-called "trouble makers".

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