Concrete slab falls from bridge over 403

BRANTFORD — All lanes on Highway 403 through Brantford and parts of the Wayne Gretzky Parkway were closed Monday after a huge piece of the concrete overpass fell onto the roadway.

MTO officials say the bridge was damaged after a commercial vehicle struck the bridge while travelling below. This is the third instance of large vehicles colliding with the bridge over the WGP. In December 2021 and January 2022 the same bridge was struck by large commercial vehicles travelling the 403.

Police closed the roads to investigate and check for safety before reopening on Tuesday morning parts of the WGP and all westbound lanes of the 403.

The inside northbound lane of the Wayne Gretzky Parkway remains closed.

Brantford Mayor Kevin Davis said that the Ministry of Transportation ordered that lane of the overpass remain closed due to damage to support beam under the bridge.

Davis said the Ministry was notified of the damage in December and January, and the MTO says they are seeking tenders for the required repair work to be done.


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