Get ready for KT’s third Halloween costume contest

SIX NATIONS – KT Gas is hosting its third costume contest throughout the week leading up to Halloween, from October 14 to the 31st.

“We are very excited that our annual Halloween Costume Contest will be in its third year this October,” said Shane Maracle, KT Gas manager. “[The] event will be annually held here at KT, it just keeps growing and we cannot wait to do this every October.”

Maracle said that even the staff at KT get dressed up, so, customers can expect to see some funny and even scary looking staff walking around the store on the 31st.

“We started the contest as a one-shot deal for fun and to bring the community together to celebrate and showcase all the amazing Halloween costumes people came up with,” said Maracle. “The first one we did got a small turnout of about 30 people, but word spread quickly about the contest and we were being asked if it would be returning the following year — which was amazing to hear.”

Maracle said that in the contest’s second year they received more than one hundred entries that ranged from superheroes, princess, to elaborate homemade costumes including a head-to-toe replica Xenomorph from the movie Alien.

“Our objective was, and still is, to show the amazing local talent we have and to make people happy and have fun.”

Management and staff at KT Gas really enjoy getting the community involved in different group events. On top of the Halloween celebrations, they also have Christmas themed parties and contests.

“We have quite a few events that we do for the community. Next up after Halloween we get ready for the big guy, Santa’s, return, to see the boys and girls for free photos and treats as well as our annual Ugly Sweater Contest that has taken off as well,” said Maracle. “We get so many unique entries in that one ranging from businesses, school classes, families and individuals wearing everything from homemade to some crazy vintage sweaters.”

Maracle said that the Ugly Sweater Contest is fun to host and put on. They try to do as many events as possible and have more in the works that they cannot wait to reveal in the New Year.

“The importance of giving back to the community is crucial to KT,” said Maracle. “These events are an opportunity to bring the community together in a positive way and have fun while doing so. It’s also to thank everyone for supporting us over the years and allowing us to serve everyone and be part of such a great community.”

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