Individual Jurisdictional Challenge: Asserting Mohawk Rights and Sovereignty

Dear Editor,

I am writing to inform the readership of Two Row Times about a significant legal undertaking that I, as an individual within the Mohawk community of Grand River, have embarked upon in the pursuit of justice and recognition of our inherent rights.

I have initiated a jurisdictional challenge pertaining to the lands covered under the provisions of the Haldimand Proclamation and Haldimand Treaty. This challenge is rooted in the fundamental principle that, despite exhaustive attempts and approaches to all levels of government responsible for oaths of allegiance and oversight, no evidence has been found to support the incorporation of these lands into the province of Ontario.

Furthermore, my challenge asserts that as a Mohawk individual, Mohawks have never placed the lands in trust, nor do Mohawks of Grand River have monies held in trust by the Canadian or Provincial governments. Therefore, I maintain that no claims can be made against me to subject me to the Indian Act or the general application rules for provincial legislation over Mohawk individuals or their lawfully acquired territories.

I am pleased to report that my trial, initially adjourned, is progressing to discussions with a justice of the peace. This development represents a significant step forward in my endeavor to uphold individual rights within our community.

To provide further insight into this challenge, I invite interested parties to visit the website, where details regarding the challenge can be accessed.

It is my hope that by sharing my journey, I can contribute to a broader understanding of the complexities surrounding Indigenous rights and sovereignty issues within our community.

Benjamin Doolittle UE

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