Mohawk Ironworkers Kanien’kéha version now on APTN

MONTREAL – The Kanien’kéha version of Mohawk Ironworkers premiered Wednesday, January 4 on APTN.

The 13-part half hour documentary series celebrates the steely determination of the Mohawk ironworkers of Kahnawake, Akwesasne and Six Nations said to be “the best ironworkers on the planet”.

Hilda Nicholas, from Kanehsatake, is the Kanien’kéha translator and narrator for the series. The Kanien’kéha version of Mohawk Ironworkers was recorded on Kahnawake Mohawk Territory and overseen by Karihwakatste Deer and Frank and Carolee Jacobs.

Using a mixture of dramatic HD “high steel” footage, on the job and home-life reality shooting and archival material, each half hour episode presents a fascinating visual and moving story of the ironworkers and their families — as they face the realities of one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. Mohawk Ironworkers features engaging personal stories of the men and women who built the World Trade Centre and were affected by the 9/11 cleanup, “Boom Out” to NYC and to Saskatchewan potash mines, and enrol in today’s rigorous training programs to keep the tradition alive.

The series is accompanied by an online videogame called Rivet Rampage. This single-player game (available in Kanien’kéha, English or French) puts you in the role of a Mohawk ironworker. You are tasked with building one of the most iconic buildings in history, the Empire State Building, as well as Montreal’s infamous Mercier Bridge. Follow the foreman’s orders and avoid flying birds, hot rivets and whirlnados. Each building site contains multiple levels where you take on real-life ironworker tasks like climbing structures, erecting platforms and finding tools. Explore each worksite for more points and hidden Mohawk Ironworkers virtual trading cards.

The series is also accompanied by the first ever Mohawk ironworkers collectible trading cards. These limited edition cards feature more than 80 ironworkers who participated in the series. Collect virtual cards in the Rivet Rampage game and on our Facebook page. Cards are also available for purchase on the Mohawk Ironworkers website and in select stores in Kahnawake, Akwesasne and Six Nations.

Mohawk Ironworkers is created by George Hargrave, Paul M. Rickard and Margaret Horn. The series features a team of indigenous directors: Jeff Dorn, Margaret Horn, Courtney Montour, Paul M. Rickard, and Michelle Smith.

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