Municipal elections see new leadership put in place

SIX NATIONS — Ontario’s municipal elections concluded Monday night seeing several new leaders appointed to lead the municipalities surrounding Six Nations.

Kevin Davis overwhelmingly defeated Chris Friel for Mayor in Brantford with Davis receiving 53% of the vote against Friel’s 30%.

Haldimand County incumbent Ken Hewitt was re-elected with just over 50% of the vote. Kristal Chopp was elected in Norfolk County with 54.5% of the vote defeating Charlie Luke by nearly 12%.

David Bailey won the Brant County election and will replace Mayor Ron Eddy – who has been mayor in the municipality since 1999.

Voter turnout in the surrounding region was relatively low with an average of 35% across the board for eligible voters coming out to cast their ballots.

Some technical difficulties presented during this year’s new online voting system in Brantford. The website for voting was down for several hours. As a result the city extended poll deadlines to 9 p.m. for both online and in person voting.

Hamilton’s Fred Eisenberger was re-elected to a third term as mayor, defeating 14 others who were vying for the seat. Paul Fromm, a noted racist who was in the running, was defeated ending seventh in line with 706 votes.

Toronto’s Mayor John Tory was also re-elected in a swooping victory with 63% of the vote in a race of 34 other candidates. Tory won in a controversial campaign after the province reduced the city’s council to 25 seats — and after another noted racist, Faith Goldy, announced her intention to run. Goldy came in third with 25667 votes representing 3.4% of the ballot.

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