NDP nominates indigenous candidate for federal election

BRANTFORD — The candidate running for the NDP Party in Brantford-Brant in the upcoming federal election is Annishnabekwe, an indigneous Annishnabe woman — and in a historic move she introduced her candidacy in her traditional indigneous language.

“Sabrina Sawyer ndishnikaaz, asnishnaabekwe ndow, Mnjikaning First Nation, Rama, ndoonjba, waabazheshi ndoodem,” said NDP federal candidate Sabrina Sawyer, introducing herself as a water protector.

“On the territory of the Six Nations of the Grand River, less than 9% of the population have drinkable water, running in their homes,” said Sawyer. “2/3 of that territory still do not have the same human right, access to clean, drinkable water, running in their home as you and I. and the only reason why is because of who they are and where they are from. The environmental racism that is rampant in this country, at the hands of our leaders in unacceptable. This environmental racism is a key factor in the issue of climate change, when we look at the building of pipelines, the climate change deniers, it is time for change.”

Sawyer was unanimously acclaimed as the NDP candidate at the nomination event Saturday at the Brantford & District Labour Centre.

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