New 12-week Hamilton-based skilled trades program accepting applications

If you are 18 years old or older and looking for experience, industry-recognized training and certification in the construction sector skilled trades, Tomorrow’s Trades may be the program to take you there.

Tomorrow’s Trades is a 12-week experiential learning program that helps prepare participants to start their careers in the construction sector skilled trades. The program provides hands-on experiences, industry-recognized training and certification, personal protective equipment and basic hand tools needed to become a high-quality apprentice. According to Brandi Jonathan, program advisor, classes based in Hamilton are set to start in either the fall or winter, and there is no tuition cost involved for accepted applicants.

“There are no costs or tuition fees for the program, only the cost of getting yourself to and from the training centres,” Jonathan told the Two Row Times. “Students will also receive a monthly stipend to help offset some of those travel costs.”

Throughout the 12 weeks, students will experience different union trades training centres covering a broad range of skilled trades including welding, boiler making, masonry, electrician, possibly sheet metal working, and more.

“It’s one course that gives you a combination of several different trades. Completing the program gives students a wide variety and understanding of what each trade involves. Students will walk away with the knowledge and hands-on experience required in each of those trades to then apply to one of the unions and start an apprenticeship,” said Jonathan.

Jonathan said that due to an aging population of previous skilled tradesmen and women, there are gaps to be filled in the skilled trades workforce.

“There is definitely a population in the construction skilled trades sector that is aging out and now is the perfect time to get into trades if you have been thinking about it or ever considered a career change. The opportunities are out there to make good money doing something rewarding with your hands. This program will also help you on your journey toward starting your own business if that is a goal of yours.”

As program advisor, it is Jonathan’s role to mentor students throughout the process and answer questions for them along their entire journey through the 12-week program. Jonathan says that consistency and a good attitude will take you a long way. When it comes to more women entering trades, Jonathan says to go for it.

“Trades is still mainly a male-dominated industry but that does not mean there is no space for women in it. In my experience, women bring a different perspective, attitude and mindset to trades and even excel over their male counterparts in some areas. I encourage women to apply and enter trades. Don’t let things like that deter you from moving forward in your career.”

Jonathan added that the program is divided into small portions of classroom learning and hands-on training in the shop or out in the respective field.

“There are different ‘hands-on assignments’ I like to call them, for each union trade centre students will visit. Maybe one morning you will spend a few hours on theory and in the afternoon you will be out on the floor. It varies per centre and specific trade,” she explained.

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