New film highlights empowering female roles

LOS ANGELES – The historical period drama film Apache Wife, by screenwriter and actress Celeste Thorson, was inspired by Native American storytelling and Apache oral history.

Set in New Mexico in the late 19th century, the film follows the transformative journey of a Chiricahua Apache woman, who witnesses the murder of her husband by a rival tribe and attempts to avenge his death. The independent short film is currently in post-production; a feature film version is also in development.

Many American Indian cultures rely on oral history to pass down stories and cultural traditions. With fewer of those themes and symbolic stories shared, many traditions fade with time. After hearing the legend of an Apache woman revered for her bravery as a warrior, Thorson was inspired to develop a period film that showcased some of the symbolism, themes, and traditions in Apache culture.

“I love stories about women who use courage and willpower to change their destinies. I want to be a part of more narratives that showcase the strength and beauty of women forging their own paths.” said Thorson.

The short film was directed by Paul Street (Borderland, Room Nine, The Key) and stars Celeste Thorson (How I Met Your Mother, Kimmy Kimmel Live!, The Exes), Sancho Martin (Henry Danger, Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later, The Blacklist), and Dakota Black (Bullet, Drunk History, Justified) with costume design by Gabrielle Sciabbarrasi (Shattered, Trust No One, Quantum Theory).

In addition to Apache Wife, Thorson recently starred in the upcoming feature film, Treasure Hunter: Legend of the White Witch, which is currently in post-production. The film centres around an altruistic doctor and a cocky treasure hunter that must join forces to uncover the Mayan legend of the White Witch. The film was directed by Ken Barbet (Killer Instinct, The Eliminator, Father of Invention) and produced by Aldamisa Entertainment (Sin City: A Dame, Chef, Machete Kills); The film stars Wil Traval (Jessica Jones, Arrow, Once Upon A Time), Randy Couture (The Expendables, The Scorpion King: Rise of A Warrior, Good Kids) Chuck Zito (Carlito’s Way, Homefront, Requiem for a Dream), Rafael de la Fuente (Empire, When We Rise, Every Witch Way), Alyona Cheknova (Bachelor Party, On – drakon, Deffchonki), and Natali Yura (Dead Trigger).

Thorson is best known for her roles on How I Met Your Mother, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Exes, and Heartbeat. She has also hosted numerous lifestyle and travel television shows. Thorson started as a professional actress at the Screen Actors Guild, when she’s appeared in commercial ads for clients like Lady Foot Locker, Reebok, Samsung, and Nissan. She also gave a cameo appearance in the Rolling Stones music video, Rain Fall Down, directed by Jonas Akerlund.

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