Redrum Riders plan first ride of the summer

SIX NATIONS — The Six Nations Chapter of the Redrum Riders Motorcycle Club is busy preparing for its first ride of the summer, where the club hopes to raise awareness and funds to help renovate a business building located in Port Maitland.


“That piece of land is still ours, and we want to bring awareness to that,” said Six Nations Chapter president Mark Barrowcliffe.

Registration for the ride will be at 12 noon, May 14, at the ‘weeken Toys parking lot located at 2469 Fourth Line, with “kick stands up at 1 p.m.,” as they say.

With input from other chapters including the Manitoulin Chapter, Barrowcliffe is hoping for between 70 to 100 riders when they pull out.

The Club hopes to help a local Six Nations box lacrosse team raise funds by giving them opportunity to sell refreshments before the ride. Barrowcliffe says that even if you are not an official member of the Chapter, anyone with a good bike and a better attitude will be welcome to join them. The cost is $20 per rider and $10 for a passenger.

Based in Brooklyn New York, the Native American based Redrum Motor Cycle Club, which started in 2005, uses its profile and organization to “bring positivity and righteousness to a city, town, reservation or community. Redrum represents the lifeblood of Mother Earth and the force that binds mankind together,” according to their official Facebook page.

Writing it on a webpage is one thing, but it’s the positive reports from a number of official Redrum Rides, that bring that statement to life. Their motto, “Spreading Positivity on Two Wheels,” is in stark contrast to the image a long line of rumbling Harley Davidsons and leather jackets with crests emblazoned on the back, usually conjures up.

Mark Barrowcliffe is president of the Six Nations Chapter of the Redrum Riders MC, and has a busy summer lined up for the chapter with fund raising rides to help a wide range of needs in a number of communities.

The Six Nations Chapter is relatively new, officially starting, but has nine full members to date and more in the “prospect” stage.

The process of membership is a long one as prospective clubs or riders are allowed to ride without “colours” and get familiar with the program and the goals of the club. Following this probation period, the Club decides if this person or potential chapter is worthy of wearing the Redrum Crest. Clubs listed as “prospective” chapters spread from British Columbia, Peterborough, Alberta, Phoenix AZ, South Texas, Cleveland Ohio, and several others in California, Washington State, New England and South Dakota.

Other Redrum Chapters include the Nomads, New York Chapter, with First Nation Chapters in Akwesasne, Manitoulin Island, Spirit Island, Brooklin New York; Central New Jersey; Staten Island New York, Onondaga Nation, First Nations Raleigh NC, Hudson Valley, Seneca Nation, Maherrin Nation, Kialegee, Georgia, Cherokee NC. First Nations of North East Tennessee, First Nations of Taino NY and NJ. There is even a Chapter in Tangiers, Morocco.

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