Remembrance Day in Veterans Park

OHSWEKEN – J.C. Hill Elementary School took the opportunity to honour war veterans on Remembrance day last week on Friday, November 11, by marching to veterans park for an honourary assembly.

After a short introduction and two students read stories thanking the veterans, a moment of silence was held in correspondence to CKRZ Radio’s Remembrance Day program.

Cathy Bomberry was awarded a beaded wampum belt as her achievements throughout the years in her service were recognized; top fitness and equipment operator, and army accommodation, achievement and superior units medals.

Cookies made by one of the classes was offered to the other veterans including Gary Hill, Tim Hill, Art Hill, Jesse Gade and Gail Martin.

Out of the wood work and in light of recognizing the veterans, Cultural Consultant Keith Jamieson said he was really “honoured and thankful” to have been asked to speak.

“There is a plan that has been in the works for quite some time to build something in this park that would address [peace],” said Jamieson. “We called it a peace monument, and the reason we called it that is really because this whole exercise and the lives that were lost were in attempting to attain peace amongst us, peace amongst nations and countries.”

“We still haven’t learned well enough how to maintain the peace,” he said. “There are still wars and people still die which is terribly, terribly unfortunate, but I think that if we all start to really focus on the idea that it is our responsibility and our obligation to ourselves, to others that we need peace. We cannot survive without peace, so it is essential that we work towards that.”

The monument is hoped to be placed within Veterans Park in the future. Respectful students were then allowed to return to class and enjoy the rest of the day.

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