Reminder to pick up Christmas Baskets

SIX NATIONS – The team in charge of preparing and delivering this year’s Christmas Baskets are asking community members that pre-registered for a basket to remember to pick them up this Thursday at the Six Nations Community Hall.

Organiser Terri Farmer said that Six Nations Christmas Baskets/Ontario Works has been offering pre-registered community members Christmas Baskets since the early ‘70s and she has been helping for the past 24 years.

“I enjoy doing it, it feels great to even just touch one person or family,” she said.

The baskets are free to anyone who pre-registered, and that they are still accepting late registrations but those latecomers are put on a waiting list.

“We work alongside Brantford Christmas Baskets and all the items are donated,” said Farmer. “The main part of each basket is potatoes, carrots, apples — and either a turkey or a ham. Singles get a ham and families of two or more get a turkey.”

Farmer said that she and the large team of volunteers will start early Thursday morning handing out the baskets and then home deliveries will begin.

“We really encourage people to get here early for their baskets they signed up for. The longer the basket sits here with your turkey or ham it’s going to start to thaw out.”

This year Six Nations Christmas Baskets is handing out almost 650 baskets.

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