Six Nations community garden underway

Volunteers are working like busy bees to get planting on a three-acre community garden that anyone in the community is invited to use.

Thanks to the hard work of organizer Chad General and generous community donors and volunteers, the three-acre plot is a beehive of activity now.

The plot of land on Sixth Line Road is three acres. The labour for ground work was done by Ohsweken Speedway and Glenn Styres and the land was donated by Scott General.

The Six Nations Cannabis Coalition and Robert Jacobs donated soil and also tilled the beds, while Desogondensta Antone is offering knowledge on planting.

So far, said General, it’s cost about $4000 for the seeds but community members have also donated seeds.

“I wish I could name them all,” said General. “Greatly appreciated.”

There are a variety of vegetables being planted, including cucumbers, potatoes, onions, radish, green and yellow beans, flint corn, carrots, egg plant, tomatoes, lettuce, squash and cantaloupe, with more plants to be added.

“We will make announcement when the crops mature and where they will be made available.”

General started the community garden in reaction to alarmingly-high food costs fuelled by record inflation worldwide.

“I read somewhere that it takes 1.76 acres to sustain a family of four,” he said. “We are far from saving the world but it’s a start. We had 10 to15 people in the garden to plant or just to be supportive. Local farmer Jim Konosken moved our storage trailer and is donating 14 bales of old hay for mulch. We had others donate straw bales as well. Thank you.”

Community members have also donated juice and food to the workers and a water tank to water the plants.

“We want to fix up the garden with scarecrows and a medicine garden benches so it is a place where people can come just to sit and visit or work in the garden,” said General. “Once the plants come through we will be spreading the hay to help retain moisture. We’re looking for donations of tomato cages and pallets.”

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