Six Nations Community Living a template for Australia

OHSWEKEN – Six Nations Community Living welcomed a young couple from Australia researching how Six Nations deals with its challenged adult community members, using a traditional motif.

Stephanie and Eric Cunningham came all the way from Perth, the west coast of Australia, “We are very pleased to have this opportunity to be here for two weeks. They have come partially to study and experience, as best they can in a short time, with different

“We’ve shown them everything we do here at Community Living,” said Jamieson. “We had some guests come in and do some dancing and singing. Our language program we had this afternoon.”

The staff was also cooperative in giving interviews to the visitors about their role in caring for those in their care and how to get involved in the programs.

The Cunningham initially contacted Community Living Ontario and, because of their work with Australia’s Aborigine communities in and around their home of Perth, specifically wanted to come to Six Nations to see how the Haudenosaunee care for their own.

Before coming to Six Nations they will be visiting other Community Living operations in Mississauga and elsewhere before returning home with a bag full of ideas to apply down under. The Cunninghams flew out last Tuesday morning for California then on to Perth.

Other studies of programs designed for divers cultures were also on their itinerary while here.

“I hope to bring back reports on various programs here in Canada which we can use in Australia,” said Stephanie.

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