Six Nations Elected Council invites HCCC to meet in open letter

It’s been over a decade since Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council and the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council have had any sort of working relationship or meeting together.

SNGR invited the HCCC to meet with them in an open letter published on its social media and website last week in an attempt to get the two councils working together again.

SNGR even asked that the meeting be public.

In an open letter addressed to both Chiefs and Clanmothers, SNGR said:

“The Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council (SNGREC) are inviting the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC) and Clan Mothers to a public meeting. This meeting will be leadership to leadership at a mutually agreed upon date, location and agenda and will be open to Six Nations people.”

Elected Council mentioned its past relationship with the HCCC that sprung out of the historic 2006 land reclamation.

“There is precedence with SNGREC and HCCC working together for the benefit of our people, this partnership occurred during the negotiations with Canada and Ontario regarding “Kanonhstaton” (The Protected Place), formerly known as Douglas Creek Estates. During this difficult time, the Six Nations people witnessed first-hand what can be accomplished when our two councils are united and work together towards a common goal.”

After the 2006 land reclamation in Caledonia, both councils for a brief time met monthly.

The meetings were held to solidify the partnership between the two councils and to provide accountability and transparency to Six Nations people. SNGR noted,

“After nearly 100 years we continue to persevere and work towards a better future for all of our people. As we did from 2006-2009, we again can build on our collective strengths for the future and prosperity of all our people. It’s our responsibility as community leaders to show our people what can be accomplished when we put our ‘good minds’ together once again.”

The letter is signed by SNGR Elected Chief Mark Hill and notably addressed to only hereditary chiefs who are Six Nations band members. Those HCCC members who are not Six Nations band members were not sent the letter. It also includes an open invitation to clan mothers.

The Chiefs listed are: Chief Allen MacNaughton, Chief Roger Silversmith, Chief Kervin Williams, Chief Steve Maracle, Chief Arnold Jacobs, Chief Steve Jacobs, Chief Cleve Thomas, Chief Andrew Warner, Chief Perry Williams, Chief Mike Powless, Chief Toby Williams, Chief Butch Claus, and Chief Blake Bomberry.

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