Six Nations Elected Council nominations are in

The weather may be cooling down, but Six Nations election season is just heating up, as nominations for the upcoming general election have come in with some surprising contenders.

Current Six Nations Elected Councillor Sherri-lyn Hill-Pierce is one of two people running for the position of elected chief, with former elected Chief Steve Williams also throwing his hat into the ring.

Current elected Chief Mark Hill is not seeking re-election.

Controversy over one of the candidates has already begun, with at least a few community members expressing concern on social media about councillor candidate Amos Key Jr.

The anonymous Facebook post condemns Key regarding a letter of support he wrote for convicted sex offender Matt Myke in 2020.

Key was one of a handful of community members who received swift backlash when a list of people writing character references for Myke was made public by The Two Row Times.

Myke, a Six Nations faith keeper, was convicted of child sex offences and is now listed on the sex offender registry in the States. He was given a 20-year sentence by a Wisconsin court.

Key was one of 30 people who wrote character references for Myke.

Steve Williams, who was the elected chief in the late 90s and is current president of tobacco giant Grand River Enterprises, was nominated by former elected Chief Ava Hill and seconded by Francis Montour.

Hill-Pierce was nominated by former elected Councillor Carl Hill and seconded by Wanda Hill.

The candidates for elected councillor are:

  • -Cynthia Jamieson, who ran twice for the position of elected chief in the past two elections, and came second to current Chief Mark Hill. She was the former executive director at the Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation. Jamieson was nominated by Lana Martin and seconded by Aaron Thomas.
  • -Steve Williams is also nominated for councillor. He was nominated by Catherine General and Jesse Porter.
  • -Hazel Johnson, an incumbent councillor, who was nominated by Debra Jonathan and Francis Montour.
  • -Audrey Powless-Bomberry, another incumbent councillor, who was nominated by Ava Hill and James Carmen Bomberry Jr.
  • -Alaina Marie VanEvery, who ran in the last election, and was nominated by David Martin General and Gaylene Powless.
  • -Melba Iris Thomas, a longtime councillor and current incumbent, who was nominated by Gregory Stephen Sandy and Della Barbara Staats.
  • -Amos Key Jr., who was nominated by former councillor Wendelyn Johnson and Ida Marion Martin.
  • -Kerry Dean Bomberry, an incumbent councillor, who was nominated by Cecil Kenneth Davis and Patricia Joan VanEvery.
  • -Rheva Helen Miller, another longtime veteran councillor, who was nominated by Bruce Frank Patterson and Felecia Faith White.
  • -Gregory Hal Frazer, a current councillor who won his seat in a by-election last year, was nominated by Ginger Phyllis Smith and Brian Phillip Hill.
  • -Carole Lesley Greene, who was nominated by Arleen Nora Maracle and David Michael Bomberry.
  • -Jennifer Lynn Murdock, who was nominated by Christal Dawn Maracle and Erica Nichole Miller.
  • -Dean Earl Clark Hill, who was nominated by Kimberly Colette Hill and Gordon Hill Jr.
  • -Dayle Bomberry, who is the former council Senior Administrative Officer. Steve Williams nominated him, seconded by Catherine Louise General.






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