Six Nations Food Bank needs support

Like everyone else, the Six Nations Food Bank is feeling the pinch of record inflation that is seeing ever larger numbers of people accessing its services.

A recent infusion of $50,000 from Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Council will help buy more food and supplies as more clients access the food bank in the wake of astronomical food prices.

But it’s not a permanent solution.

“I know they need help,” said Councillor Helen Miller. “I know more and more people are using the food bank because food prices are crazy right now.”

The food bank donation is coming from COVID funds SNGR received from the federal government to help the community during the pandemic, but how much funding council received altogether

and how much is left is not known at this time.

SNGR Communications Officer Katie Montour told the Two Row Times she would follow up with the finance department to retrieve those figures.

What is known is that those COVID funds are almost dried up and are expected to run out in the next few months.

The Six Nations Food Bank got a similar donation from elected council last year to help fill its shelves and it has also waived its weekly $5 access fee it used to charge

clients using the food bank.

Even waiving that small amount was needed, council noted.

“Some people can’t even afford that,” said Councillor Sherri-Lyn Hill-Pierce.

The SNGR finance committee agreed to provide the $50,000 funding on a one-time basis, but Councillor Nathan Wright said it could donate the funds annually if it’s put

in the council budget.

Where that funding would come from is not known.

“We’re not going to have that (COVID funding) next year,” said Councillor Miller.

Councillor Michelle Bomberry said any remaining COVID funds will be exhausted within the next couple of months.

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