Six Nations operating in deficit halfway through the year

Six Nations of the Grand River is operating at a roughly $1 million deficit by the second quarter of the fiscal year, the finance committee heard on Monday.

That’s well below its expected operating deficit of over $3 million, however, explained Jennifer Court, director of financial reporting and analysis.

Six Nations Health Services has the largest operating budget around $17 million. The band budgeted $53.8 million for its operation.

This year’s operating deficits are coming from various departments, including Health Services, Public Works, Lands and Resources, Fire Services, Parks and Recreation, and computer services at Central Administration, with a total operating deficit of $1,083,156.

Other departmental surpluses are made up for 2022 departmental deficits.

Health Services, Fire, Public Works and Housing all had operating deficits last year, but central administration had an $8.2 million surplus.

The trends are similar for this year’s operations halfway through the year, for the period ending Sept. 30, with many of the same departments operating in a deficit so far, with central administration already showing a $2 million surplus.

Six Nations closed out 2022 with an operating surplus of $1.7 million.

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