Six Nations Police Briefs

OHSWEKEN — One man has been arrested and charged with impaired operation of a vehicle after a vehicle was found by police at 3:00 a.m. on New Year’s Day stopped in the middle of third line with two occupants asleep.

Officers found the vehicle running with a male driver and female passenger sleeping while the car was still running. Police said they recovered firearms, ammunition and cannabis and determined the driver was intoxicated.

Devon Maracle, 27 of Ohsweken is facing charges of Impaired operation and firearms charges.

Stunt driving

Police arrested two Ohsweken men after multiple reports of dangerous driving on Third Line.

Police pursued a stolen vehicle on December 29 at around 1:30 p.m.. The suspects drove erratically down Chiefswood Road at a high rate of speed, pushing other cars off the road and at one point driving directly at a marked police cruiser. SNP says they had to employ a pin strip to immobilize the vehicle for public and officer safety.

Police say the driver, Brayden Doxtator, 26 of Ohsweken, was impaired and was arrested with outstanding warrants. He is charged with Assaulting an officer, assault with a weapon, assault with intent to resist arrest, impaired driving and flight from police.

The occupant of the vehicle, Mason Martin, 25 of Ohsweken was also arrested and is charged with assault with the intent to resist arrest, occupying a vehicle without consent and failing to comply with an undertaking.

Impaired Crash

One man is charged with impaired driving after an automatic crash notification was received by police. On December 23, 2023 police got notice of a single vehicle crash at 10:35 p.m.. The driver was reported to be intoxicated. Daniel Farmer, 33, of Hagersville is facing impaired operation charges.

Erratic Driver

On December 21, 2023 police say they observed a vehicle speeding that had earlier fled from police. Officers pursued the suspect and he was observed to be intoxicated. Trevor McNaughton, 42, of Ohsweken was arrested and charged with Impaired operation and failure to comply.

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