SKM brings WWE Legend to Club NV

BRANTFORD — The line up outside of Club N.V., was full of WWE fans as they awaited the opening of the doors to see Mick Foley in the flesh last Sunday.

Comedians Ryan Denee and Wally Warwick graced the stage along with Alecia Atout, who warmed the crowd up for the moment Foley entered the stage.

As a legendary professional wrestler, stand up comic and multi-time best selling author, Foley is most known for his role as “Mankind” in the WWE. The acclaimed show “20 Years of Hell” made the stop at Club N.V., after shows were sold out across North America and Australia.

Coordinator Shayne Maracle said that as a fan himself, hosting the event was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up.

“We were approached by a guy named Ryan Renee when we were at a show,” he said. “We have been doing the wrestling shows for over a year now so the opportunity became something that piqued my interest and [Denee] seemed like a nice guy to work with so I thought ‘you know what, why not go for it?’”

And “go for it” they did as they sold out the seating, Maracle noted that the advertising for the event went extremely well. Being a fan of Foley’s also helped in making the leg work easy.

“Growing up as a wrestling fan, Mick Foley was always an icon with the crazy things things that he did. Like I remember as a kid, seeing him getting thrown off of that cage, I remember thinking ‘this guy is done, there’ no way he’s gonna get up again’ and then he did and did it again.”

“He was just always a wrestler to look up to, and with some of the things he pulled off its kind of amazing that he’s still alive.”

Maracle wanted to make the experience for other wrestling fans just as special, so he noted that this particular show was the only show that had VIP lanyards made and printed by hand as a souvenir for those interested.

He included that Foley spent at least 10 minutes with each of the VIP guests, which really sealed the deal for the event being a complete success.

“Everybody had a good night, especially the VIP’s,” he said. “The VIP meet and greet took a bit longer to get through for some people but when they got up there, they were very happy. No one went home disappointed.”

Keep an eye out for future SKM Promotions event.

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