SN Networking welcomes the community to an informative event

SIX NATIONS — The Six Nations Networking Agency brought together the services and program providers of Six Nations and New Credit to the Gathering Place on Tuesday, April 24.

The kid-friendly event presented live presentations and music, prizes, food and activities on site for those interested in becoming better acquainted with local services they might not have been aware of before.

Grand River Employment and Training (GREAT) Special Projects Coordinator Arielle Monture explained that the Six Nations Networking Agency wanted to host an event that would be worthwhile for both the community and local organizations.]

Over 100 visitors stopped in to learn about the hidden gems in local programming and services.

“Basically [the agency is] a collective group of various organizations throughout Six Nations that meet once a month and network, create partnerships and share programs and services with one another,” said Monture.

“We created the event because we get different faces at our table every month, it’s not the same organizations that come, they’re different. Even just from the familiar faces that we do know we’re learning so much about each organization and we’re like ‘we had no idea that you guys did this, we had no idea that that service was available.’

This brought the agency to want to help remove the barriers of communication and get the knowledge out to the community.

“We thought ‘why don’t we get everyone together into one place, and make it accessible to people to access the programs and services, and find out all of the resources that are here,’ because we have such great organizations here that we wanted everyone to know about them.”

Monture explained that throughout the day the event seen over 100 visitors who stopped in to enjoy the collective, and each visitor was given a ‘passport” to complete by visiting each booth to be later entered for a door prize.

“We had a great show of employees from the organizations, community members and we’ve learned a lot,” she said.

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