SN Police introduces Canine Unit

OHSWEKEN — Six Nations Police introduced its new canine unit to the community on social media.

“PSD Jasper is a Louisiana Catahoula Dog – a hunting breed who has been training for police service from 8 weeks old. PSD Flint is a Belgian Malinois x German Shepherd Dog that was donated to Six Nations Police Service by Baden K9. PSD Flint also underwent a training program through Six Nations Police to become a general-purpose patrol canine,” said the Police Service on their Facebook page.

“Our dogs are trained to track humans, aiding in finding lost or missing persons, persons in distress, as well as those who have committed a criminal offence. Additionally, they use their detection capability to assist in drug and firearms investigations.”

“The unit also uses tactics aimed at conflict prevention and de-escalation whenever feasible but may use the canines to protect the public and officers from dangerous persons when necessary,” wrote SNP.

“Keep an eye out for our team at community events, training sessions, and on general patrol. They are easily identified by their marked police unit and specialized gear. We are proud to have this new resource to keep our community safe.”

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