SNEC still intends to test Kearns machine

OHSWEKEN – In a statement emailed to the Two Row Times, the Six Nations Elected Council reiterated its intention to test the Kearns disintegrator, as has been requested by members of the community. The statement also declared that, “In order to test the machine, we need to re-start it. As soon as the date for the testing is established, we will provide sufficient notice to the community.” However, there are a number of Six Nations residents who are opposed to restarting the machine under any circumstances.

There was some controversy last week over the distribution of a pamphlet by Kerns International Ltd., which paid out-of-pocket to mail a glossy flyer to every home at Six Nations. Elected Council indicated, “The Six Nations Elected Council was not involved in the creation or distribution of this flyer.” Kearns Intl. was responsible for the its content. The flyer contained information regarding the intended operation of the disintegrator machine and touted its supposed benefits. Save for a comment about the excess smoke, it did not directly address the criticisms levied by the group of residents who are opposed to the permanent installation of the disintegrator.

Elected Council also stated that their foremost concern is the state of the landfill, which is currently overcapacity. Elected Council has committed to providing the community with timely information as it emerges, saying, “Once the testing of the machine is complete, we will analyze the results and decide on the next steps while informing the community accordingly.”

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