Spaghetti dinner fundraiser for car crash survivor

BRANTFORD – A fundraiser is being held Saturday, June 1st starting at noon for car crash survivor Jeramiah Folland. The spaghetti dinner will be held at the Moose Lodge, 145 West St. in Brantford, as the family of Jeramiah is hoping to raise funds for his medical expenses and new accommodations.

The 21 year old was involved in a severe car accident and suffered a life-altering spinal cord injury, which paralyzed him from the neck down. The accident happened April 26th on Highway 54 in between Six Nations and Brantford.

There have been many accounts and testimonies that have come forth regarding Folland’s charitable nature and humorous attitude. Folland grew up in Eastdale Gardens, a housing complex on Darling Street also known colloquially as Boom Town.

A friend Kyle Misener wrote on Folland’s GofundMe page, “Do not ever give up, it might feel like the whole world is crumbling at your feet but, remember to stay strong and work hard every day. All of Brantford knew who you were way before all of this and will support your recovery till the very end.”

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