Three more years: Ava Hill re-elected

SIX NATIONS – Incumbent Elected Chief Ava Hill easily retained her seat Saturday warding off former Chief William Montour and newcomer Cynthia Jamieson by wide margins. Hill garnered 51 per cent of the 1,931 ballots cast, 700 of which were cast for Trustee positions. It was the highest voter turnout in Six Nations voting history.

Hill won the race by a furlong with 623 vote compared to Montour’s 303 and Jamieson’s 286 votes.

There was also not much change with district Councillors. In District 1 Dave Hill stays on for another term with 82 votes but his district-mate, Lewis Staats, was replaced by Audrey Powless-Bomberry with 89 votes.

There was a lot of interest not only at the poles but for the final electronic tallies at Six Nations Polytechnic as the chairs originally set up for the public were quickly filled as more and more were added. Finally, a section of seating that was roped off, probably for the candidates, was opened and more people found a seat. Even then, there were dozens of people left standing.

Cheers and hugs followed Six Nations Elections Officer, Steve Williams’ announcements of district councillor winners and the re-election of Ava Hill a second term as Six Nations Elected Council Chief.

She was asked by the Two Row Times if she felt somewhat vindicated this election after getting into office three years ago on the strength of two votes over former Chief, Bill Montour. This year, she defeated Montour by a margin of 320 votes.

She attributes the high water mark for elections to the younger vote.

“I think it’s the young people voting,” said Hill. “We saw them all day long here and it was encouraging.”

Hill was thrilled with the overwhelming vote of confidence that she is going in the right direction.

“I feel I have a mandate with 51 per cent of the vote, and that’s pretty good,” she laughed. “It was certainly more than two votes like the last time.”

It will be business as usual for the 57th Six Nations Elected Council with a number of partially completed projects she wants to see through and a very familiar council to work with. But she can’t help but feel empowered knowing the majority of the voting people did not want to see a change.

“I will continue to work tirelessly on infrastructure, education, land rights,” she promises. “I want to see resolutions over the next three years.”

“My congratulations also to the incoming councillors from each of the districts,” Liberal MPP and Speaker of the House, Dave Levac said. “One must also thank the unsuccessful candidates for letting their names stand for election. Never doubt the desire to serve as a way of expressing their desire to make the community better for all.”




District 1

Audrey Powless-Bomberry – 89 votes.

Dave Hill – 82 Votes

Also running were: Catherine Joanne Bomberry (63); Hope Claudine VanEvery-Albert (45); Lewis Basil Staats (42), Joseph Randall Martin (16).


District 2

Carl Chancey Hill – 93 votes

Terry Allan General – 69 votes

Also running were: Barbara Gail Miller (56), Lewis Craig Staats (48), Vikki Lee Martin (33).


District 3

Sherri-Lyn Hill-Pierce – 137

Charles Wayne Martin – 101

Also running were: Roger Jonathan (76); Ross John Johnson (62).


District 4

Rheva Helen Miller – 127

Wray Maracle – 118

Also running were: Alaina Marie VanEvery (98); Mark H. Staats (44).


District 5

Bob R.E. Johnson – 125

Hazel Margret Johnson – 106

Also running was: Evan N. Thomas (92).


District 6

Melba Iris Thomas – 96

Mark Bennett Hill – 75

Also running was: Lynn Travis Bomberry (75)



Darryl Kevin Martin (397); Sharon J. Martin (273); Julie Hill (264); Also running were: Roger Jonathan (261); Tammy Colette Martin (251); Shelby White (189).

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