Watershed conditions statement: Water safety

BRANTFORD – Southern and central portions of the Grand River watershed received snowfall last week. This snowfall is not expected to result in significant changes to river levels, but will add to the danger around waterways throughout th watershed. The public urged to stay away from local waterways

Riverbanks and trails adjacent to rivers and waterways experienced some significant damage and erosion as a result of the ice and high flows that moved through the system last week. It will take time for municipalities and the Grand River Conservation Authority to inspect and repair these areas. Dikes and flood walls are currently being inspected as they were also heavily impacted by the weather event that began early last week. This damage, combined with cold, fast-moving water greatly increases the risk around local waterways. The public is asked to stay away from all rivers and waterways at this time.

The public is reminded to exercise caution around all waterbodies. Any remaining ice cover on local lakes, reservoirs, and ponds will be severely eroded due to recent weather events, and riverbanks are extremely slippery. Water temperatures throughout the system are between one and two degrees. Hypothermia can occur extremely quickly at this time of year.

River conditions and forecasts will be monitored and updates will be issued as warranted and this statement will remain in effect until Friday, March 9, 2018.

– For more information on flows, weather and reservoir conditions see the River Data section of the GRCA website.

– Safety information for parents and children is available in the GRCA’s River Safety Rules booklet.

– More information on the flood warning system is available on the GRCA website.

– Receive GRCA flood messages by e-mail by subscribing through the GRCA website.

– Follow GRCA flood messages on Twitter at grca_flood_msg.

– More information about how the GRCA manages floods is available in the Flooding section of the website.

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