What is illegal when it comes to bullying?

Some bullying acts are illegal and offences under the Criminal Code. These include:

  • Criminal harassment (e.g., texts, phone calls, and/or emails that cause the other person to fear for their safety)
  • Child pornography (e.g., sharing intimate photos and videos of minors under the age of 18)
  • Uttering threats and extortion (e.g., threatening to share someone’s personal information to others if they don’t do as told)
  • Assault (e.g., threats or acts of non-consensual force, violence, bodily harm, or destruction of personal property)
  • Identity theft/fraud (e.g., creating a fake online profile to ruin someone’s reputation)
  • Defamatory libel (e.g., spreading rumours about someone)


Source: RCMP


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