Woodland Cultural Museum Smoke Dance winners

EAGLES NEST — It was a celebration of indigenous culture at the Woodland Cultural Centre and Museum Saturday May 14 as children and adults from six years old to, lets just say a lot more than six years old, competed in the annual Smoke Dance Competitions the Centre has been hosting for more than 20 years.

The theatre and the museum were full to watch and cheer on the contestants in six different categories. The winners were:

Girls ages 6 to 12 — Laniya Antone
Boys 6 to 12 — Jake Skye
Teen Girls 6 to 12 — Meira MacDonald
Teen Boys 13 to 17 — Mason Sands
Women 18 years old and up — Alyson Doxtator
Men 18 years old and up — Brandon Barberstock

Photos by Jim Windle

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