Ancestral remains repatriated and reburied in a quiet ceremony

KAHNAWA:KE — The Mohawk Council of Kahnawà:ke (MCK) was pleased to inform the community on January 24 that the MCK and the Musée Archaeologies de Roussillon in La Prairie, owned by the MRC de Roussillon, have reached a Transfer Agreement to repatriate prehistoric ancestral remains to Kahnawà:ke.

Faithkeepers and MCK representatives arrived at the museum earlier today to ensure that the proper words were spoken before transporting the remains back to Kahnawà:ke. This was followed by a simple, quiet, and respectful burial.

The lot across from the MCK main offices was secured, as there is already an acknowledged graveyard site within the lot.

It was decided that any prehistoric ancestral remains that are returned to the community in the future will also be buried at this location.

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