Big Oil files restraining order against Standing Rock Sioux officials and individuals

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News

BISAMARCK, North Dakota — The billion dollar oil corporation Dakota Access pipeline has filed for a restraining order against the Dakota and Lakota land and water defenders who are sacrificing their all to protect their water source of the Missouri River.


Dakota Access Pipeline has names Standing Rock Chairman Dave Archambault, Councilman Dana Yellow Fat and individual land and water defenders. They were named in a temporary restraining order yesterday in federal court here.

The move against the Dakota and Lakota officials, and individual land and water defenders, is seen as an attack on some of the most financially desperate people in America.

U.S. District Judge Daniel Hovland granted Dakota Access pipeline the preliminary injunction today, Tuesday, August 16, 2016 at 10:20 a.m. effective when the defendants are served.

It is a crushing blow to Native Americans who believed in the U.S. justice system. Standing Rock welcomed President Pbama in 2014 to see the desperate needs for himself.

The Dakota Access pipeline quickly obtained U.S. permit and brought in heavy equipment and began digging last week. Hundreds of Native Americans are protesting and defending the Missouri River.

The Dakota Access pipeline plans to tunnel under the river with the crude oil pipeline, creating an environmental nightmare for future generations who depend on the river for drinking water and survival.

In July, the Standing Rock Sioux Nation filed a lawsuit against the U.S.Army Corps of Engineers, accusing the federal agency of violating the National Historic Preservation Act and other laws.

While the Standing Rock Sioux Nation is still waiting to have their case heard in court, Dakota Access pipeline — flanked by dozens of North Dakota Highway Patrol, Morton County deputies and DAPL private security — ramrodded into the area and began digging before the tribe’s case has been heard in court.

Dakota Access pipeline was granted a temporary restraining order and a scheduled hearing for Thursday, August 25th to determine whether a preliminary injunction will be granted. The order prohibits threats of violence or harm, and criminal activity, but does not restrict peaceful protest.

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