International Women’s Day 2024 campaign theme is ‘Inspire Inclusion’

This International Women’s Day (IWD), March 8, join the United Nations in celebrating the theme Inspire Inclusion.

According to, to inspire inclusion means to celebrate diversity and empowerment on IWD and beyond. IWD is a global celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Each year, this day serves as a powerful reminder of the progress made toward gender equality and highlights the work that still needs to be done.

“This year’s campaign theme underscores the crucial role of inclusion in achieving gender equality,” says an IWD release. “It calls for action to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes, and create environments where all women are valued and respected. Inspire Inclusion encourages everyone to recognize the unique perspectives and contributions of women from all walks of life, including those from marginalized communities.”

Aiman Ezzat, CEO of Capgemini Group, told IWD that Capgemini Group also recognizes its responsibility as a leader in digital transformation, in bridging the gap between technology and society by encouraging girls, women, and people from underprivileged backgrounds to pursue STEM studies, supporting the next generation of talent to thrive in technology careers.

“We #InspireInclusion every day by valuing the differences and uniqueness of our people while cultivating our commonalities, celebrating team spirit, one of our seven core values,” said Ezzat. “We aim to continuously ensure a safe, open, and collaborative environment, where all individuals feel valued and contribute effectively to the success of the Group, as stated in our Group Diversity and Inclusion policy.”

In line with the Inspire Inclusion theme, filmmakers have a unique opportunity to promote diversity and representation on screen. By telling diverse stories and showcasing the experiences of women from diverse backgrounds, filmmakers can inspire audiences and challenge existing stereotypes.

In recent years, there has been a growing movement within the film industry to prioritize inclusion and representation. However, there is still much work to be done to ensure that women from all backgrounds have equal opportunities to participate and succeed in the industry. By supporting and amplifying the voices of female filmmakers, we can create a more inclusive and representative cinematic landscape.

Anna Segall, CEO of the World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts, told IWD that together an equal world can be forged where all girls can thrive.

“Our vision is a world that is fair for everyone, where girls and women are not held back by any aspect of who they are, what they believe, or where and how they live,” said Segall. “Girls and young women want a safe space to explore their identity and beliefs, they want the confidence and resilience to face the pressures and challenges of growing up in an insecure world, and they want the skills and opportunities to make a difference.”

IWD said by working together to break down barriers and foster diversity, we can build a more equitable and inclusive society for generations to come.

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