OPP warn public after explicit video leads to “sextortion”

MISSISSAUGAS OF THE NEW CREDIT FIRST NATION – OPP say they responded to a call from a citizen reporting an extortion.

The victim alleges a woman came to a Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation address and threatened to send a sexually explicit video to the victim’s friends and family unless they paid the woman a large sum of money.

OPP say the citizen did not send any money, and reported the incident to police.

“Sextortion”, as it is commonly referred to, is where people engage in sexually explicit conversations or “video chats” and one of the people involved, threatens the other that they will share the sexually explicit videos or images with the other parties family and friends unless they receive money.

Police are warning the public about the risk in sharing any personal or sexually explicit images over the internet. There have been some instances where it has affected people years down the road when they were applying for employment.

Think before you send or post anything. Before you hit “send” remember that you cannot control where this image or video may travel.

Think about your future and the negative impact and grief that your posts could have on you.

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