Permanent injunction granted on McKenzie Meadows development

CAYUGA — Ontario Superior Court Justice RJ Harper has granted two permanent injunctions on the McKenzie Meadows housing development and on Haldimand area roads, preventing demonstrators from opposing the housing development that has been occupied for close to 100 days and forever prohibiting blockades on Haldimand area roads.

Williams was previously instructed by the courts to direct all demonstrators to leave the property by October 22 or he would not be able to have his submissions heard by the court.

The judge said he found Williams repeatedly declaring his intentions not to comply with a permanent injunction was contempt and struck all his submissions and ordered his microphone to be muted after several out of order interjections into the proceedings. Williams appeared in court via Zoom, citing his physical absence to the current coronavirus outbreak on Six Nations.

A video was shown in the court, posted to Williams social media accounts, calling out indigenous people from across Canada to demand RCMP officers enforce the law in the Mi’kmaq lobster fishery conflict.

Lawyers for Foxgate Developments said that Williams callout to press RCMP to uphold the rule of law in Nova Scotia to protect an indigenous fishery was hypocritical in light of his action to occupy the Caledonia housing development and violate the judge’s previous injunctions.

It is expected that police will enforce the removal of any remaining demonstrators on the property, though details on that action have not been made public.

Dates will be scheduled in the coming weeks to determine costs and damages.

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