Cayuga Nation Unity Council to host Feb 17th Social Dance

SENECA FALLS, NY – The Cayuga Nation Unity Council announced plans to host a Social Dance in their new Schoolhouse building on February 17th, 2015. A potluck dinner will begin the event at 6 pm. This will be the second social dance to be held in the new Schoolhouse. The first social dance was held on New Year’s Eve, with over 40 people of all ages attending, from babies to the elderly.

“It was a wonderful way to begin the year,” recalls Karl Hill, Faithkeeper of the Cayuga Nation Heron Clan. “There is healing in the expression of our culture. We look forward to creating many more opportunities this year for people to come together and learn who we are, such as the social dance and workshop on February 17th.”

The social dance on Feb. 17th will wrap up a day-long Cultural Awareness Workshop in Waterloo for local officials by the Cayuga Nation Unity Council. The Cayuga Nation Unity Council is reaching out to leaders and government officials from surrounding counties, towns, and villages to offer an opportunity to hear firsthand from Cayuga Nation leaders and community members and gain a better understanding of the culture, as well as the issues the Cayuga Nation Unity Council is working to address within their Nation. The workshop is by invitation only but the social dance is open to the public.

Both events are part of ongoing efforts to improve relations with neighbors and surrounding communities.

“Our goals are to promote peace, respect, and mutual understanding,” explained Cayuga Nation Bear Clan Chief Sam George. “It gives us deep joy to be here in the lands of our people. Neighbors are welcome to attend our Social Dances and get to know us.”

The social dance will begin on February 17, 2015 starting around 6 PM at the Cayuga Nation Offices and Schoolhouse, 2540 Rt. 89, Seneca Falls. The event is open to all and the public and children are welcome. Social dances are a traditional part of Haudenosaunee culture, a fun opportunity to spend time together as a community. No dancing experience is required.

Cultural events such as this are one of many services and programs provided to Cayuga citizens returning to their homeland by the Cayuga Nation Unity Council.

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