Director’s play condemned for excluding indigenous actors

MONTREAL— Quebec director Robert Lepage is once again being criticized for a lack of representation in one of his stage shows.

About 30 people signed an open letter in Le Devoir today to denounce Lepage for not including Indigenous performers in his upcoming show “Kanata.”

The show, which claims to explore Canada’s history through the lens of the relationship between white and Aboriginal people, will be performed in Paris by a French acting group in December.

The letter’s signatories note that while Indigenous people were consulted during the show’s creation, the performance will not include any indignenous actors.

They add that their goal isn’t to censor anyone, but rather to call for the talents of Indigenous artists to be recognized.

The letter is signed by about 20 Indigenous artists and activists as well as a dozen or so non-Indigenous “allies,” that include lawyers, artists and academics.

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