Six Nations Fall Fair 2015 Ambassadors Selected

The 148th Six Nations Pageant of Ambassadors was held on Friday August 21, crowning ambassadors for divisions from Tiny Tot Girl to Miss Six Nations. The Pageant was emceed by former Miss Indian World Tia Smith and former Miss Six Nations 2014-2015 Chezney Martin. Each contestant made an appearance on stage in front of friends and family, and each division was well judged and winners were well deserving.

For the only male category; Justin Restoule brought home the Tiny Tot Boy 2015 title, with Kyson VanEvery and Bentley Hill as the First and Second Runners Up.

For the Tiny Tot Girl Category; Aiyana Anthony was crowned as the new Miss Tiny Tot 2015, with Tawneesha Hill and Sareena Longboat as the First and Second Runners Up.

Teegan Jonathan was crowned the new Little Miss 2015, with Ciceleigh Martin and Rylee Davis as the First and Second Runners Up.


Chloe Bomberry was crowned the 2015 Miss Mini, with Kahstaweya:kon Green and Chyann Hill as the First and Second Runners Up.

Shauntay Longboat was crowned the new Miss Pre-teen 2015, with Kayne Martin and Sierra Green as the First and Second Runners Up.

Replacing the well-known Kyleigh Farmer, Kara Hill was crowned the new Miss Teen Six Nations 2015 with Lainee Farmer and Melissa Thomas as the First and Second Runners Up.

Makelita Emarthle was crowned the new Miss Six Nations 2015, with Makasa Lookinghorse as the First Runner up and Kari Hill as Miss Congeniality and Second Runner Up.

Not only representing on behalf of the Six Nations Community as Fall Fair Ambassadors, each title holder also becomes a Cultural Ambassador during their full-year reign.

The judging began earlier in the week, with contestants able to participate in a workshop before the actual competition to help them practice on their interviewing, speech giving and impromptu question abilities. Each division, excluding both the Tiny Tot Boy and Girl division, had contestants participate in a fitness test, a short interview to allow judges to get to know their personalities and perform a walk on stage while an emcee read their personal biography.

The Teen and Miss divisions were required to perform a public speaking category, with each contestant having their chance at the mic to recite a memorized speech. Miss contestants, however, were also required to write an essay, create a board to showcase themselves with photos and words, and answer an impromptu question on stage.

Each contestant went through its own age appropriate judging; with judges looking at attributes such as community involvement, personality, cultural knowledge, political knowledge, Iroquoian history and representative skill.

Becoming an ambassador brings both honour and pride to families and friends, and also the community. This year’s 2015 Ambassadors will be looking forward to representing Six Nations Youth at events such as Bread and Cheese, the Grand River Powwow, the Annual Santa Clause Parade and any out-of-community events they may be invited to enjoy. 2015-2016 Miss Six Nations Makelita Emarthle will also be representing Six Nations in the 2016 Miss CNE Competition in Toronto. Congratulations to all 2015 ambassadors!

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