Six Nations/New Credit voters back Liberals

Six Nations/New Credit ‑ The poll-by-poll results from last week’s federal election are now available and show a total of 1468 ballots cast by Six Nations and New Credit voters. These numbers are in stark contrast to the Brant-Brantford riding results in which Conservative incumbent Phil McColeman retained his seat by a wide margin. Haldimand-Norfolk voted in Conservative incumbent Diane Finley as well.

The results showed a strong Liberal bend by Onkwehonwe voters at all four Six Nations polls and at New Credit with Daniel Takacs pulling in 1081 votes, NDP candidate Marc Laferriere attracting 325 votes, McColeman’s Conservatives with 39 votes, and the Libertarians and Greens garnering a combined total of 23 votes.

Although disappointed that Six Nations will still be dealing with a Conservative MP in McColeman, most are happy that Justin Trudeau will be heading up a new federal government and that former PM Stephen Harper’s appointees will be replaced, including federal Aboriginal Affairs Minister David Zimmer. Trudeau also promised a new area of Nation-to-Nation relationship which has been at the forefront of the Liberal platform under Trudeau.

Also promised many times by Trudeau during the very long campaign is a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women, which the Conservative flatly refused. Although not officially announced as of yet, First Nations across Canada are awaiting the follow through on that promise by the new Prime Minister.

A comparative study over the past three federal elections shows as follows for the top three parties within the Brant Brantford riding, which includes Six Nations/New Credit.

National election results by percentage:


Liberal:           39.5%

Conservative: 31.9%

NDP:               19.7%



Conservative: 39.6%

Liberal:           18.9%

NDP                30.6%



Conservative: 37.6%

Liberal:           26.2%

NDP                18.2%

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