Freedom, a poem by Tewasarake

[tweetable alt=””]Freedom is a beautiful Mohawk woman singing by the river[/tweetable]

Freedom is a doe laying in the trees
Freedom is a willow seed floating on the breeze
It is sacred for all
Just that talk of touching it
Would make us think of war

[tweetable alt=””]We’re not your children[/tweetable]

We have no king
We’ll accept you as family, we ask only one thing
A nation of brotherly love
Nobody rules over another
Freedom is sovereign
The eagle free in the sky
The bear free to eat his roots

[tweetable alt=””]You tried to yoke me, this I will never accept[/tweetable]

I will throw off your yoke, stand tall and ”Take back my freedom”
I’m not asking you I’m telling you
That’s the Mohawk way
If you don’t like it, too damn bad

[tweetable alt=””]For the mind grows like a garden in Freedom[/tweetable]

It is stifled in economics
Killed dead in the office of life
Freedom is a thriving soul
It’s worth the fight

[tweetable alt=””]Freedom fortified for money, is a sick joke[/tweetable]

I took mine back, threw off your yoke
You can take it back to your feudal land
My freedom is in my hand
And if they hang me, keep moving on

Peace Power Reason

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