Luv, Respect N Defiance

Recently there was a murder in Oneida Territory. A man was shot dead by a masked intruder in his home. Nobody has been arrested. Police say they don’t have any suspects or maybe they’re not trying to find anyone. They say it was a non-white male driving a light colored car, so that narrows it down to about 250,000 in southern Ontario.

I’m no detective, but I have been around enough crime scenes to know that the beginning hours after a homicide are crucial. Isn’t that why the popular detective show is called The First 48? They usually make an arrest in a couple hours.

Unsolved murders of Onkwehohwe people are piling up across Turtle Island. Maybe it would be different if we paid land taxes and didn’t live on sovereign land.

If we look at the missing and murdered men we would see that on reserves across Canada there are many unsolved murders. This causes fear in the community. Fear is good for the oppressor. It tells you subliminally that you’re worthless and not worth the time and money it takes to do a proper investigation. Some days it even seems like encouragement to say it’s open season on our brothers and sisters to aid in the destabilization of the red nations.

If we really think about it, though, why are we thinking in a paternalistic way and hoping that our white dad is going to investigate himself? They won’t launch an inquiry into our missing and murdered people because they might find their own DNA at the crime scene.

Last time I checked, cops don’t investigate cops. So what are we to do? Well first of all, if we start thinking like sovereign people and stop asking for them to do it for us, we could pool our resources, hire investigators, and do our own research about what has heard or seen by the family. We need our own database, and we need to do it ourselves.

When the Great Iroquois Peacemaker Tekanawitah was sent to give us the message of the Great Harmony after we buried our weapons of war, he foretold that something is coming in a blue cloud on the winds across the Atlantic.

The plague is going to be carried to all corners of mother earth. A pestilence. It will shake you to your very soul. It might even kill a lot, but fear not, that is why you were given your On Ion Kwaonwe indian tobacco. You will survive, you will make it. The black energy is subsiding. The Oht-ko/dark magic.

If we want a utopian society, he said we have to work for it, for there is no such thing as Divine right in the natural world. The snow blankets the earth, the winds howl and if you’re not strong and smart enough to make shelter, then you’re done. The natural law is survival of the strong. Let mother nature sort out who lives and moves on to the happy hunting grounds.

There is no end in the circle, only birth, death and rebirth. We have to take our destiny in our own hands. Are we going to stand up and be counted, or are we going to let outsiders engineer and condition our minds and habits? It’s time to quit asking like helpless kids and do it ourselves.

Action speaks louder than words. Sovereign people think, act and feed themselves. They don’t ask for inquiries. The daughter of the man who was murdered two weeks ago whispered through her tears, “It’s taking too long.” Another young girl crushed to her soul. Devastated for life. That devastation will pass on to her babies. Just like the reverberations of warfare.

Psychic disease is passed through the maternal line through the generations. Psychic trauma has been the name of the game ever since George Washington burned down our villages. “Punish the red devils so severely that they never rise up again against us.” That was his plan.

The trail is getting cold. Shall we just shelve it, chalk it up as reserve dysfunction, close our eyes and hope they solve our problems for us? Freedom is a long and winding road with a lot of hills and storms and black, black nights.

Tewasarake Kaniakenhaka Watertaioni

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