An attitude of gratitude

This morning I woke up in one of those beautifully peaceful moments that the Creator orchestrates to demonstrate His Love for us. The sounds of a gentle, far off thunder called me up and the steady pulse of falling rain enveloped everything to make for a blessed awakening. Everything about waking up like this felt dream-like and ethereal; the sounds of the storm, the smell of the wet soil and grass, my kids were actually getting along – all I needed was a good cup of coffee and here I was being gifted with the perfect morning.

I made my way downstairs to brew the coffee and that is when I saw the clock. Instantly, my serene morning of perfection was blown out of the water when I saw that it was not 7am, but in fact noon!

I wanted to shout and blame everyone around me, ’Noon?!?!! Is that right? Why did you guys let me sleep in so late?!’ But I heard those gentle thunders again, pulsing over us all. I truly felt like the Creator Himself was there lovingly guiding me towards a better way and reminding me of the peaceful morning I was actually having. Immediately I let go of the frustration and instead I took a deep breath and pressed on to resume my perfect morning.

As I was adding in the coffee grounds, the smells of peace enveloped me with love. “Ahhhh….I love the smell of fresh coffee,” I said out loud. As the coffee was brewing I went upstairs to get dressed for the day and again my perfect morning hit ultimate reality as I faced Mount St. Laundry. Unfortunately the past few weeks have been so hectic that laundry was bottom priority. Now all I have left to wear is my Sunday’s best, or my best dirty clothes.

I dug through the mountain of clothes mining for some yoga pants that looked okay enough to wear again. That is when I heard that gentle thunder reminding me of my peaceful morning once more. I took another deep breath, except this one smelled less of fresh brewed coffee and more of stinky towels. ’Ew, I really need to do this laundry today.’ I thought. But the thunders called me up, so despite the stinky towels I pressed forward, following the gentle thunder in pursuit of good thoughts and peace to fill my day.

My morning victory was on the horizon as I finally poured the perfect cup of coffee into my favourite cup. I sat down in my little writing nook to get to work and the smell of flowers breezed through my window, mixed with the sound of raindrops and the smell of the wet soil.

I have no idea what I did on earth in the last little while to get this incredible gift from the Creator but I sat there soaking it all in and breathing deeply. And this time it didn’t smell like dirty clothes.

It is my belief that the Creator knows us all. He-Who-Created-Our-Bodies knows where we are, what we are doing, what we have done, and what we are going to do next. He knows when we’ve had enough and he knows how much we can handle. It has been my experience that He knows when we can’t afford a much needed vacation, but will deliver peace and serenity nonetheless. We just have to be wise enough to recognize when it is being delivered, and keen enough to accept the gifts he is offering.

Today, I go forward with an ‘attitude of gratitude’. I am grateful for the gentle thunders, I am grateful for my favourite cup and roasted coffee beans. Thank you Creator for flowers and soil and gentle rain drops. Thank you Creator for the invention of industrial sized washing machines and electric dryers so I can tackle Mount St. Laundry in due time. Mostly thank you Creator for showing me your mercy and love, and helping me to grow a good mind so I can notice.

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